Marie Dressler

Born in Cobourg, Canada - one of Hollywood's greatest stars

The Dressler Story: to Dream, to Dare, to Persist, to Win

Cobourg is the birthplace of Marie Dressler - one of the greatest comediennes of her generation and one of Hollywood's best loved stars.

The Marie Dressler Foundation, a registered charity, was created to raise money to restore her house when it was burnt down in 1989 (More here). The largest current activity is the Vintage Film Festival which is held on the last weekend in October every year.

This site is the official site of the Foundation and is intended to make sure that Marie Dressler is remembered. It is planned to grow this site and to grow activities to foster continued interest in her.

One of the activities of the Foundation is to award scholarships to students planning to pursue an education in the arts field - preferably film arts. There is a list of previous scholarhip winners on the Vintage Film Frestival site here. The 2014 winners were presented with their awards at Dressler House on July 19 - see the story with photos here.

Another recent activity was an event on November 3, 2013 that celebrated her birthday. More on this event - including photos - here.

Available on this site

We have gathered as much information as we can on her and made it available. Included is a complete biography.

A recent addition is the Picture Goers Supplement - a reproduction of a periodical from 1933 that featured Marie Dressler and treated her as the star that she was.

The house where she was born is still standing in Cobourg and now houses a small museum dedicated to her. At right is a photo of Dressler House Museum at 212 King Street West.

Although some of her movies have been lost, as far as we know, our list of her films is the best available.

Although there is a lot of information on this site, we would like to gather more and make it available to the public - click here if you can help or would like to comment.

The Museum is managed by the Marie Dressler Foundation (more).